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St. Andrew's Regional High School

St. Andrew's Regional High School, an accredited independent school, offers programming for grade 8 through grade 12. Our mission is to provide Christ centered education of the highest standard, equipping students to be leaders in their chosen profession. Therefore, St. Andrew's offers students a disciplined academic environment along with an opportunity to grow and experience God in a real way. In our classes, teachers challenge students to excel spiritually, academically, artistically, physically, socially and emotionally. All students are expected to follow the school code of conduct which directs and leads students to live a life of service, tolerance and respect. Since 1983, students from Victoria and surrounding areas and from around the globe have achieved success by attending St. Andrew's Regional High School.

Our commitment to learning means we believe in our students and we insist on hard work. We instill a sense of pride and teach our students to be independent thinkers. We start with passionate teachers who specialize in their teaching areas. We recognize that not everyone learns in the same way, or at the same speed, so we keep our class sizes small and encourage a dialogue that keeps everyone involved. 

The Wayne Hendry Scholarship Fund

Wayne Hendry was integral to life at St. Joseph's Elementary School in Victoria, where he worked as Custodian for 27 years. After his retirement, he returned to the school to read to the young students, a highlight of his week.

Surrounded by his family's love, Wayne passed away on June 12, 2015, after nine weeks in Victoria Hospice. The Wayne Hendry Scholarship has been established by the school to be awarded to the student who exemplifies the essence of Wayne Hendry: kindness, forgiveness, dedication, respect and commitment.

Click the "donate now" button to contribute to the Wayne Hendry Scholarship Fund. This will take you to the Canada Helps website; select "1) Wayne Hendry Scholarship Fund," then complete the donation process. 

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Committed To A Bully Free School

Catholic Independent Schools British Columbia launches Bully Free School program. Click here for more information.

This is how I explain what religion at this school teaches me. Sure I learn the history and analyze the Bible, but I also have been forming a set of morals and values that will go with me for the rest of my life. They are the foundation of who I am.
Breanna Student
I am very excited to be able to link my Olympic journey, full of trials and tribulations, back to a very important time and place in my life: St. Andrew's Regional High School.
Dave Calder Alumnus
I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of attending St. Andrew’s Regional High School. St. Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically.
Nick Student