Course Selection Guide


The purpose of this booklet is to help you plan and choose courses for your years at St. Andrew’s Regional High School. If you have any questions, please see the school counselor.

Use the information in this booklet to help you:
• Select courses that interest you based upon their content. You must also be prepared to meet the specified requirements, particularly in the more rigorous and or performance–based courses.

• Ensure that you have the required prerequisites. This should include planning for future years. Do not assume that you can take courses from a different grade level since this in not always possible to schedule.

• Ensure you graduate with the qualification for the post-secondary of your choice.

CHOOSING COURSES   (Course Selection forms below)
The courses chosen in Grade 10 determine the Grade 12 courses completed and therefore the post-secondary programs to which students may apply. In order to keep options open it is a good idea to select a high school program that will allow some flexibility.

Science 10, Foundations and Pre-calculus 10/Apprenticeship and Workplace 10, English 10, Social Studies 11 and English 12 are all part of a graduation requirement that includes a provincial examination.

Plan carefully because the timetable is assembled based on your initial choices. Once the schedule has been built, specific changes may be difficult or impossible to implement.

Selection of a course does not ensure you will able to fit this into your schedule, although every attempt will be made to accommodate you.

We do not encourage students to take a summer school course if it is their first time in that course because of the reduced time of instruction.

If you are unsure about your options, especially if your questions pertain to graduation or university entrance requirements; take the time to see the school counselor.




This is how I explain what religion at this school teaches me. Sure I learn the history and analyze the Bible, but I also have been forming a set of morals and values that will go with me for the rest of my life. They are the foundation of who I am.
Breanna Student
I am very excited to be able to link my Olympic journey, full of trials and tribulations, back to a very important time and place in my life: St. Andrew's Regional High School.
Dave Calder Alumnus
I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of attending St. Andrew’s Regional High School. St. Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically.
Nick Student