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Daily Physical Activity

Students graduating from St. Andrew’s High School need to complete their daily physical activity sheet in the program called Naviance – this is a graduation requirement. They must do their Daily Physical Activity (DPA) from grade 10-12. In the senior years students also must complete the grad transition plan in Naviance. These are essential if students intend to graduate. The link is attached so that students and parents can see what still needs completing.

Exam Bank

This web site, can enhance your learning experience by writing randomized practice exams that relate directly to the curriculum as outlined by British Columbia's Ministry of Education. The computer will mark your practice exam as soon as you're done, so that you can immediately see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As the service is entirely web-based, no software needs to be installed, and it works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, or any other computer system with an Internet connection. St. Andrew’s has a school account and the required username and password are listed below. Please feel free to use this resource as it can be very useful in many ways.

User Name: standrewsreg

Password: success

General Academic Resources

  • AP Courses - Advanced Placement
    A comprehensive resource for all Advanced Placement courses.  Detailed course descriptions can be obtained.
  • LearnNowBC
    This is an online resources that provides tutoring, homework help, access to BC ministry for exam marks and many other learning resources.
  • QUIZmeBC
    A great resource for Principles of Math 12, Biology 12, Chemistry 12 and Physics 12. The Online quiz is a real-time set of questions that you can do at this very moment. The Printable Quiz will let you print out a quiz for your later use.
  • StudyBuzz
    StudyBUZZ takes the guesswork out of what to study and focuses study time. Why study what you already know? After answering some online questions, a personalized study guide shows your strengths and weaknesses. The results direct you to high quality resources to help prepare you for your Provincial exams.

Languages other than English

  • Spanish - On-line resource to support and extend the Spanish program.

Library Resources

The Library L4U book catalog is available online SARHS Library Catalog

The following resources and databases are for student use.  The username for these links is "SARHS", and the password is "database".

  • BBC SCHOOLS (K-12)
    Great resource from the UK for students, teachers and parents.
    EBSCOhost® databases are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users.
    The on-line edition of the Encyclopedia of British Columbia. This unique resource contains the complete encyclopedia, along with a variety of readers' resources and other features.
  • GALE
    In-School Password: ics, Home Password: trillium


The username for these links is "SARHS", and the password is "database".

  • World Book Kids
    Simple navigation, colorful illustrations, activities for young students, and more.
  • World Book Student
    The complete World Book encyclopedia plus multimedia, web links, periodicals, and more.
  • World Book Advanced
    Primary source documents and ebooks fully integrated with encyclopedia content plus timelines, citation builder, and saved research.


  • Ask Dr. Math
    A variety of math help topics in question and answer format. Students can also submit questions to be answered by a professional teacher or professor.
  • Principles of Math 12
    This website features a complete online study guide for Principles of Math 12 students in BC.
  • Purple Math
    Comprehensive algebra help site with detailed lessons  on a variety of topics.


It's full of helpful chemistry resources to help students with chemistry!

What is chemistry! This is a great site that will answer all the questions you ever had.  Some students in another school found this and were kind enough to share it.  Take a look and learn!

This is how I explain what religion at this school teaches me. Sure I learn the history and analyze the Bible, but I also have been forming a set of morals and values that will go with me for the rest of my life. They are the foundation of who I am.
Breanna Student
I am very excited to be able to link my Olympic journey, full of trials and tribulations, back to a very important time and place in my life: St. Andrew's Regional High School.
Dave Calder Alumnus
I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of attending St. Andrew’s Regional High School. St. Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically.
Nick Student