Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are conducted twice a year.  Appointments are scheduled using an online system.  Parents will be notified via the school newsletter when the system is available for scheduling.  

All accounts are cleared at the beginning of each school year, so parents must register themselves and their children for an account each year.  This site allows parents to choose up to 6 interview times with your child's teachers.  Interviews are 10 minutes in length.  

Parent Instruction Booklet

This is how I explain what religion at this school teaches me. Sure I learn the history and analyze the Bible, but I also have been forming a set of morals and values that will go with me for the rest of my life. They are the foundation of who I am.
Breanna Student
I am very excited to be able to link my Olympic journey, full of trials and tribulations, back to a very important time and place in my life: St. Andrew's Regional High School.
Dave Calder Alumnus
I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of attending St. Andrew’s Regional High School. St. Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically.
Nick Student