Post-Secondary Information

Sending Transcripts to post secondary institutions

Students can provide their transcript information to a number of post secondary institutions by completing an electronic Post Secondary Institutions Selections Form online via the Student Secure Web.

This electronic PSI selections form is only to be submitted by students who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a post secondary institution.

Students access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web and clicking the menu option "Post Secondary Institutions Selections".

Below is a list of links that will provide access to various post-secondary institutions.  Please make sure to pay attention to admission requirements as this can vary at each university and college. 

Schools within British Columbia

University of Victoria
Camosun College

ApplyBC – This site provides links to post-secondary institutions in British Columbia

Education Planner.BC - Education Planner is a publicly funded resource that allows you to compare post-secondary programs in BC. Education Planner helps learners make well-informed decisions about their education and career options.

Schools outside British Columbia 
Association of Atlantic Universities
Ontario Universities Application Centre
Universities Canada

Funding Post Secondary Education

StudentAidBC can help with the cost of post-secondary education through student loans, grants, and scholarships. Programs are available to help with loan repayment.

CanLearn provides Canadians with the information and services they need to decide what and where to study and how to cover the costs.  CanLearn goals are to provide all the necessary resources (from interactive tools to information about education savings programs, student loans and scholarships) to Canadians facing important decisions about what to study, where to study and how to save for and pay for education after high school.



This is how I explain what religion at this school teaches me. Sure I learn the history and analyze the Bible, but I also have been forming a set of morals and values that will go with me for the rest of my life. They are the foundation of who I am.
Breanna Student
I am very excited to be able to link my Olympic journey, full of trials and tribulations, back to a very important time and place in my life: St. Andrew's Regional High School.
Dave Calder Alumnus
I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of attending St. Andrew’s Regional High School. St. Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically.
Nick Student